Know Your Culture
Sabiena George Mingo


Know Your Culture
Heather Etienne

Vice President

Deborah Hazell-Theodore


Know your Culture has a hardworking dedicated board of directors, all committed to the continued success of the group and the promotion of Dominica’s culture by extension. Our goal is to be ppositive role models to our youth and to teach them about their culral heritage.
We aim to showcase our culture to the world, in order to educate it about our wonderful island. WE want ot attract visitors to the Dominica where they can enjoy our friendly atmosphere and bountiful natural gifts that make us the nature isle.
As a whole our goal is to encourge togetherness within the Dominican comminity in the United States, especially the Tri-state area. Last but not least we hope this will keep our rich culture alive for the next generation to enjoy and pass on.