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Know Your Culture (KYC) is a New Jersey based dance group focused on performing, celebrating and teaching the cultural, traditional dances of Dominica. KYC has performed at many popu;ar Caribbean events from Dominica's Flag raising ceremony in Connecticut, Caribfest in Virginia, Labour Day in New Your, Caribbean Tourism Week, various dinners and many more. If you love culture and want to support us please click the button below.

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KYC performs across the tri-state area
DARDA's Dinner

We perform at Darda's annual dinner every year.


Perfoming at Caribfest in Norfolk VA

Dominica Cultural Awards

Each year all the culture related groups come together for the Dominica cultural awards gala.

Who are we?

Our mission is to promote Dominica's wonderful culture using our national wear and our traditional dances and cultural music. When… Read More

About KYC

In 2009 founder and CEO of the Know Your Culture Dance Group made the decision to showcase her dancing skills… Read More


The Knowyourculture dance group, KYC was invited to perform at the 11th Annual Caribbean Festival “CaribFest” event on Saturday August… Read More

KYC Directors
Know Your Culture
Sabina George Mingo


Know Your Culture
Heather Etienne

Vice President

Know Your Culture
Deborah Hazell-Theodore


Dear friends, supporters, and well-wishers of KYC,

The KnowYourCultue group has been invited to perform in Martinique from June 18 to June 23, 2019. The event is the 8th edition of the International Festival of Haute Taille. As with every event, there is an out-of-pocket expense to be met and in this case, we are asking for assistance with the band musical instruments, and costumes.

We are fielding a party of 15 dancers and we are eagerly looking forward to representing Dominica and the Diaspora on this grand stage. This is a world class event, it is for this reason we're seeking your kind assistance. To make a financial contribution, click on "Donate Now" or from the main menu above and complete the necessary information. Donations of any amount are welcomed. We whole heartily Thank You in advance.